These days the term for disaster avoidance is Business Continuity Planning (BCP). A “disaster avoidance” rather than a disaster recovery mechanism, the Quest‐Logix high availability solution proactively protects business continuity by replicating existing production servers and applications as hot, virtual standby servers on site. If a production server crashes, the replicated standby server can be brought online to replace it, transparently taking over. By reacting quickly to a problem, the impact on the organization can be minimized and the economic return substantial.

The Quest‐Logix high availability solution is not meant to replace our disaster recovery systems, but supplement them.

High Availability Benefits:
• Recover from a server crash in minutes locally
• Reduce disruptions to daily operations‐downtime
• Prevent loss of critical organizational data and records
• Prevent or limit financial losses
• Maximize response to customer service
• Maintain organization’s credibility and reputation


Business Continuity

“Being prepared for any unexpected event that threatens to disrupt the functioning of an organization, resulting in the loss of data, loss of personnel, loss of business or loss of time.”