Restore Important Files Immediately

Lost/Corrupt/Deleted Files: Immediately restore an important lost/corrupted file or even an individual document, like an email or SharePoint document.

This tool is extremely easy to use and can be accessed right from the user interface. Simply choose the server or desktop you want, choose a backup point in time and mount it. Your volumes/folders and files are immediately exposed for restore.

Granular file restore: means restoring a single document is easy. For example, not only can you restore an entire Exchange database, you can also recover just a single PST file, perhaps a Contacts folder or even a single email. Perform granular restore to SharePoint and even table restores to SQL databases.

Backup Intelligence: Backup Intelligence has the ability to identify file changes between any two backup points in time.



You can simultaneously mount two different points and see all files broken down with easy to read icons showing if a file has been changed, created, modified or deleted. This is extremely useful when restoring files after suffering a virus or malware attack.

Off site restores are possible as well. In a true disaster, documents can be recovered from the cloud even before the lightning‐fast off‐site virtualization process has begun, right from the management portal.