At Quest‐Logix, great customer service is not a goal, it’s what we do. Call in and you get a live tech that can help you now—no websites to visit, no tickets to fill out (we do that for you) and no leaving messages and waiting for someone to call you back. And, Quest‐Logix looks for problems before you see them. By consistently monitoring our customers’ systems, we can spot problems and often resolve them before the customer is even aware there was a problem. Service is available any time you need it—holidays and weekends included.

Our model is simple: Give more than expected, form a bond with the customer, and build long term relationships through superior performance and trust.

“I can’t say enough about the Quest‐Logix Business Continuity solution we use at United Valve L.P. As IT Manager for a private company, I was faced with the task of finding a solution that would not break the bank and would just plain work with little maintenance. Needing to replace an aging tape backup system, we had looked at other solutions and frankly, Quest‐Logix was the only one that could perform a hands on demonstration and within minutes I was able to perform the advanced features within the product. From the initial meeting to nearly 2 years later, we are pleased to report that no issue goes unresolved and I have never had to be on hold waiting for technical support. Our Rep never ceases to amaze with his attention to detail and always willing to help beyond the call of duty.

A lot of other manufacturers claim the ease of initiating a disaster recovery scenario and I can tell you first hand that Quest‐Logix solution works! The Quest-Logix staff will encourage you to practice an outage, bring up a VM session, and you are online in literally minutes. File recovery is a breeze and can be done in a matter of minutes. Currently we back up 5 servers, have offsite cloud storage which gives our owners and customer’s piece of mind. The ability to retain proprietary information as well as sensitive customer data and drawings keeps United Valve compliant to ISO 9000 standards.”

– Ray Allen, IT Manager

“As an IT professional who has been in this field for 30 plus years, it is always a pleasure to find a group like Quest‐Logix that has similar values as yours when it comes to customer service.

You don’t need help with a backup system until something is broken and time is not on your side. It doesn’t matter whether it is Friday night or Sunday morning or the middle of the business day, I know that I will either get an instant response or a return phone call. And I know when I am dealing with Quest‐Logix, that until I am 100% back up and running, the support call isn’t done.

I have used other backup services both offsite and onsite and I can honestly say that the Quest‐Logix backup software has been the easiest software to use for both quick file recovery and disaster recovery. I have used other products that were not intuitive, high priced, and poor performers. Something as simple a request for a single file restore from an offsite managed group can take hours and you will not even be sure you are going to get the right file. With the Quest‐Logix software, I can search for and restore a file in minutes.”
Steve Vellella, Senior IT System Engineer
Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc.

“After a huge growth in data, Fairways Exploration & Production, LLC was looking for more than just a backup solution. Business Continuity became critical to the security of the company. Over the course of almost 2 years, many Backup/Business Continuity solutions were assessed. From the start, Quest‐Logix championed their product and demonstrated that the Business Continuity solution Quest‐Logix provides would outshine the competitors.

Fairways E & P, LLC has 10 physical servers and right at 40 Terabytes of data to protect, including SAN’s. That many servers and hoard of data were configured in under an hour, once the Quest‐Logix hardware was installed and it began to backup and create images for Business Continuity. Restores are basically copy and paste and virtualized server images can be mounted from the on premise device within minutes if the physical server is down.

The service after the installation has been stellar as well. Sometimes, the team at Quest‐Logix catch potential problems and begin working on correcting them before the Fairways team notices there could be a possible problem. Fairways Exploration & Production, LLC made the best choice by relying on Quest‐Logix to provide the Business Continuity our company required.”

– Scott Leonard
Fairways Exploration and Production