Advanced Features

Enterprise, Mid‐Market & Small Business Solutions
Whether you need to protect 500GB, or over 1000TB, Quest‐Logix has a solution to fit your needs.

Restore Wizard
The Restore Wizard acts very similar to an installation wizard, allowing users to do a file restore, launch a hot standby server, do a Bare Metal Restore, restore a virtual machine image and export backups—all from a single page.

Advanced Deduplication
Before the data is saved on the Quest‐Logix backup server, it is first de‐duplicated, so only the changes are saved to the device. This protection is efficient and instant as snapshots are transferred over the local area network. Once the data hits the backup server, it is stored in a VMDK state. This is a critical component for restores and exporting images.

Bandwidth Throttling
Administrators can set up a schedule or multiple schedules to limit bandwidth usage during certain hours.

Local Encryption Available
AES 256 encryption can be deployed locally to keep clients’ data secure, and from the Quest‐Logix device to our compliant data centers.

Intuitive Graphical Interface
Quest‐Logix has a sleek, user interface to match. And, it is extremely intuitive. Before updating our user interface, Quest‐Logix studied user habits and interface usage. It’s important to us that our customers have a good experience.

Remote Administrative Capabilities
All system functions can be administered off-site and files or servers restored via the Web User Interface from anywhere in the world.

Server Maintenance/Upgrades
Take a primary server down for maintenance/upgrades and operate from the Standby Server locally.

“Sandbox” Testing
Test patches, OS releases and new application software updates on a virtual server copy before implementing changes in the production environment.

Broad Operating System Support
Support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and above, including older XP and Windows 7, as well as Linux‐‐ Red Hat Enterprise, Ubuntu, CentOS and other popular Linux versions.

Hypervisor Support
Quest‐Logix supports VMware (.vmdk), Hyper‐V (.vhd) and other popular Hypervisors.

Hybrid Cloud
Quest‐Logix utilizes Hybrid Cloud technology to improve redundancy and give users greater protection of their systems and data. Hybrid Cloud leverages the advantages of local backups and the security of the cloud.

Local Archive
Archive data locally for permanent, unlimited storage. The Archive Wizard helps you select which servers or desktops to back up and which volumes.

BYOH (Bring Your Own Hardware)
Quest‐Logix also offers Business Continuity as a software only solution, allowing you to use your own hardware.

HIPPA Compliant
Under HIPAA, all covered entities and business associates must secure health information data under a prescribed controls framework that provides adequate safeguards for physical facilities, administrative requirements (e.g. adequate security policies) and technical infrastructure.