Business Continuity—High Availability/Back‐Up/Disaster Recovery

Quest‐Logix provides organizations with the confidence of knowing no matter what unexpected or disruptive event occurs, your systems and data will be protected and your business can continue as usual.

“Technology downtime happens ‐ servers and hard disks fail, software crashes, power fails and people make mistakes. The real test of an organization’s IT department is not whether problems will occur, but when they do, how will they respond? “

High Availability: All servers are not just backed up, but virtualized as complete, bootable servers. If one or more production servers crash, your organization can completely recover on site with a hot standby server, and continue to operate until the production server is recovered.

Offsite DR

All servers, data and programs are backed up locally and can be stored in our out of state certified Data Centers in encrypted format. If a disaster strikes, customers can continue to operate from one of our Data Centers until local operations are restored.

Auto Backups:

Backups and Virtual Machines testing are totally automated, requiring no human intervention. Each backup and VM is tested automatically. Alerts are reported locally and sent to your smart phone.

Hybrid Cloud:

Keep everything locally and in the Cloud. Our optional Hybrid Cloud allows clients to keep up to date replicated copies of all servers and desktops locally and in the cloud.

File Restore:

Lost or accidentally deleted an important file? No problem. It can be restored in minutes. Easily recover an entire database, folder, file or a single document on demand.